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A Time to Rise by Tal Bauer

A Time to Rise is a Paranormal Male Romance.  The story takes place in Rome and Vatican City.  I learned a great deal about the Swiss Guard and their role in keeping the Pope safe.  The story has vampires, demons, revenants and basically all the things that go bump in the night.  A Time to Rise contains adult content suitable for mature readers only.

A Time to Rise releases May 2, 2016

a time to rise

My Four Star Review:

For the past 12 years Sergeant Alain Autenberg has been in charge of Special Projects for the Guard which basically means it’s his job to protect the Vatican and Rome from all the things that go bump in the night.  His partner is Father Lotario who is quite a piece of work and hard to believe he’s a father at all.  I immediately loved him.  They work together to eliminate any threat but things are starting to change in the dark world and they can’t seem to figure out why.  As a side note: Alain lost the love of his life 12 years ago and he’s been lonely but he’s sticking to the promise he made to himself to never love again.

In walks new guard recruit, Cristoph Hasse who Alain is immediately drawn to and who becomes his new mentee.  He’s never been a Mentor before and he’s not happy about it.  But he can’t say no to his boss, Commandant Best.

There are sections in the book, during the hunts, where Alain and Father Lotario destroy the “bad” guys.  Be prepared for it to be graphic and bloody.  But within all of the blood and gore, you can see a very strong friendship between these two men.

During the mentoring process, Alain and Cris form the start of a friendship.  Cris ends up finding out more then he should about Alain and what he does while he tries to find his place in the world.  Their friendship grows into something more and they start to care about each other.   At this point things start to get very crazy.  Vampires and Demons working together, someone in the Vatican wanting to “rule the world” and Alain trying to stop it all.  Let’s just say you need to hang on for this ride because it’s a rollercoaster!  There is a dramatic conclusion to this but however, the end of this story was left wide open.  Not a cliffhanger but there is definitely more story to be told and I look forward to book 2.

This is the second book I’ve read by Tal Bauer.  The first was Enemies of the State and you can find my five star review here.

Tal’s stories are a bit different.  While both these books are male romance, the romance is not really the focus of the book.  They are packed with action, adventure, some horror, some blood and gore, men saving the world and basically “stuff” that makes a novel exciting to read.   Don’t get me wrong, the romance is still there and it’s written beautify.  Tal’s writing flows smoothly, is very easy to read and also very entertaining.  I enjoyed both of these books and look forward to reading more by Tal.

More about A Time to Rise: 

History says the Knights Templar were destroyed in 1307.
History is wrong.

Vampires haunt the sewers beneath Rome, revenants desecrate graveyards, ghouls devour helpless passersby, and incubi stalk dark alleys and seedy nightclubs in Italy’s capital. Deep in the Vatican, a brotherhood exists, sworn protectors of the earth, and they stand firm against monsters from the dark depths. Operating in secret and silence, they protect our world from the sinister, the etheric, and the evils that exist beyond the Veil.

But it’s a lonely life, and Alain Autenberg knows that more than most. His lover was ripped from him years ago, and he vowed never to get close to another soul again. Even when the loneliness presses down on him, and his empty heart cries out for something more.

Something more comes in Cristoph Hasse, a new soldier arriving in Rome to serve in the Pontifical Swiss Guard. Young, brash, and fitting in at right angles everywhere he goes, Cris struggles in the murky, deceptive labyrinth of the Vatican. Propelled forward by a past he can’t understand, Cris collides with Alain, and both men crash headfirst into the darkest secret of the Vatican…and of the world.

Find Tal Bauer Here:  InternetFacebook, NineStar Press.

Pick up A Time to Rise at Amazon – here.  Pick up Enemies of the State at Amazon – here.

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Note:  I received a copy of this book directly from the author.

Wicked Burn (The Realm Enforcers Book 3) by Rebecca Zanetti

Rebecca Zanetti’s Paranormal Romance Wicked Burn is fast passed, action packed, full of fire, witches, demons, enforcers, bear shifters and even a few vampires.  It will leave you breathless and definitely wanting and needing more.

Wicked Burn releases June 7, 2016


My Five Star Review:

Wicked Burn is the story of Nicholas Veis (Pure-bred Demon) and Simone Brightston (Member of the Coven Nine) and cousin to three lethal Coven Nine Enforcers.  The story picks up exactly where Wicked Edge leaves off.  Simone is in trouble and Nic will do what ever it takes to keep her safe even with their difficult history.   This book is full of action, adventure, blow your mind moments and a need to stalk Rebecca’s Facebook page and hound her until the next book comes out because you will literally want it ASAP!

So, lets see if I can give you a taste of this book without including any spoilers.

The book starts 100 years in the past with a visit from a Prophet.  Jump to the future and Nic pulls up on his Ducati to get Simone to safety.  They run into grizzly bears and Bear the leader of the entire bear shifter nation.  They end up in Ireland and on trial in front of the Coven Nine.  Secrets are revealed.  Really big secrets. Escapes are made.  Enforcers, Witches, Demons, Vampires and even Bear takes you on a roller coaster ride that you will not want to get off. I ended up loving someone I totally despised and falling more in love with all of Rebecca’s characters.

You MUST and it’s a big MUST, read Wicked Ride and Wicked Edge before this one and I would highly recommend you read The Dark Protector Series first.  Rebecca’s writing is amazing and she has a way of tying these two series together very beautifully.

At the end of Wicked Burn in a brand new Novella called Talen.   Talen and is mate Cara were featured in the first Dark Protectors book, Fated and happen to be my favorite couple.  This Novella takes place after the war is over. (That’s a little tiny spoiler but if you listen to Talen, he will tell you war is never truly over.)  Talen and Cara are dealing with the “what’s next” in their lives.  Cara wants to do one thing and Talen says,  I don’t think so.  You are mine to protect always. And I’m totally paraphrasing here.  They are a little off and work out their “issues” (issues is really not a great word to use here but) in a totally Talen and Cara way that was absolutely amazing and totally them.  Appearances are made by Garrett (their son), his BFF Logan (brother to Zane the leader of the demon nation) and even Terrent (head of the wolf nation) and Maggie (his mate) make a brief appearance.

I would highly recommend both of these series and look forward to reading more about these amazing characters in the future!

More About Wicked Burn:

Simone Brightston knows she can beat the rap her enemies are pinning on her. An Irish witch is nobody’s fool, and she didn’t get to her position on the high council without serious power. But her cousins want her to hide out–and they somehow convinced her arch nemesis to play getaway driver.

Of all the men she’s known, Nikolaj Veis is the hardest to intimidate. With his demon-dark eyes and his inscrutable beauty, he’s as desirable as he is dangerous. And he knows better than to underestimate Simone. So when he pulls up on a roaring bike and tells her to climb on or fight it out, she grabs a handful of jacket and holds on tight. Running from the law may not be the smartest plan. But when it comes to Nick, hot pursuit and a blazing fast ride are exactly what Simone’s looking for . . .


enforcers series

Reading Order for Realm Enforcers Series: 

Wicked Ride (Book 1) Click here to read my review.

Wicked Edge (Book 2) Click here to read my review.

Wicked Burn (Book 3) Coming June 7, 2016.

Start at the beginning with the Dark Protectors Series:  (Read before the Realm Enforcers Series.)



Tempted – Novella




Twisted – Novella


Tamed – Novella


Find Rebecca Zanetti here: WebsiteFacebookGoodreads.

A copy of this book was provided by NetGalley.

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Fallout (The Incorruptibles Book 2) by SD Wasley

Fallout is the second book in SD Wasley’s New Adult Paranormal Series, The Incorruptibles, which releases today, March 24, 2016.

fallout sd wasley

My FIVE Star Review: 

Fallout starts where Downfall left off.  (Click here to read my review of Downfall.) You really need to read Downfall first so you have a complete understanding of what is happening with these characters.  SD does a little re-capping but not enough and you don’t want to miss any of this trilogy.

The story continues with Cain and his group trying to save lives with the help of Frankie. They add a new member to the team and a stranger from Quebec, Leon, joins them. Tension is immediately felt within the group and I just new things weren’t going to go well.

Frankie and Cain’s relationship continues to grow and there were a few times I really wanted to smack them both in the head.  Their insecurities with each other were driving me crazy.  Darn those kids!  We also learn a great deal more about Cain’s past and those scenes with Frankie ended up being some of my favorites. Even Frankie goes through a few changes in this book.

SD threw in a few twists and turns that kept me guessing throughout the book.  Frankie’s Mom visits and let me tell you, it was an eye opener!

I’m really enjoying this series and would highly recommend you read it.  Book 3 is coming in June and I honestly can’t wait to find out how this story will end!

As with Downfall, Fallout also has several illustrations, within the book, created by the amazing Trevor O’Sullivan.  This one is my favorite.

trevor fallout


More about Fallout:

Even when love seems unbreakable, it can still be battered, distorted—damaged beyond repair.

There’s only one thing Frankie yearns for these days, and that’s to share the gift that makes Cain so extraordinary. But no matter how inferior she feels, she’s determined to help the man she loves with his secret rescues, hoping that one day she will access a higher power of her own.

The one thing she knows for sure is that nothing will ever come between her and Cain again.

Then a stranger arrives in their midst, disrupting the solid loyalties in Cain’s group. This man has the very thing Frankie needs to unlock her powers, but the price is higher than she could have dreamed.

Can Frankie and Cain’s love survive the fallout?

The Incorruptibles Reading Order:

  1. Downfall – Book 1 – http://amzn.com/B01A6H4M50
  2. Fallout – Book 2 – http://amzn.com/B01A73CCFU
  3. Unforgivable – Book 3 – Releases June 16, 2016 – http://amzn.com/B01DAIPQGQ
  4. Monster – Book 4 – Coming 2016

Buy Links for Fallout: 

Paperback coming very soon.

Find SD Wasley Here: FacebookInternet WebsiteGoodreads

Excerpt of Fallout: 

Albion peeped in.

“How’s Frankie?”

“I feel awful,” I groaned. “Food poisoning, maybe.”

“Do you need to vomit again?”

“I don’t know. Maybe.”

He fetched me a bucket. “Do you want Dad to come and check you out?”

“No, I’m okay.” I made another effort to stand. “I need to go―”

“What?” Albion’s voice rose in angry disbelief. “Frankie, are you frickin’ insane?” You’re sick.

I moaned. “I know.” I slumped back on my bed.

“If I catch you trying to leave this house tonight, I will personally handcuff you to your bed. And don’t think I haven’t got the handcuffs.” He waggled his eyebrows.

“Ugh, I’m definitely gonna vomit now.”

I went back to sleep almost immediately. Maybe it was my feverish state, or maybe my agitation over missing a night at Gaunt House, but my sleep was filled with a dream I couldn’t shake. I was standing beside a rock wall, staring at it in confusion, my mind blank and bewildered. Unexpectedly, the rock crumbled and something emerged from the wall. Hands. It was a pair of hands coming through the wall, reaching for me.

I woke the next morning to find several missed calls and text messages from Cain. He sounded increasingly panicky as the night wore on. I replied, explaining my illness, before sitting up slowly to test my steadiness. So far, so good. In fact, I felt so much more like myself that I got up and made my way into the kitchen to find some breakfast.

“Hey!” Albion smiled at me. “All better?”

“I think so. Must have been a gastro bug.”

“Don’t be so sure. A bunch of people in town got sick yesterday. Dad was out all night dishing out anti-emetics and electrolyte drinks. Lots of them had been at Misty’s Coffee Shop yesterday so the health department’s investigating.”

“Great. Salmonella?”

“Don’t know. Some people are better already but others are still getting admitted to hospital. Dad only just got to bed. I told him about you, and he let me know what to watch out for in case it got worse.” All of a sudden he gave me a hard stare.


“Your scary boyfriend came round, late last night when you were asleep.” Albion looked deeply unimpressed. “I told him you were sick but I don’t think he believed me. He looked like he wanted to barge past me and see for himself.”

I opened the fridge door to hide my face. I could kind of understand why Albion found Cain’s behaviour objectionable. But he didn’t know what we’d been through together and how hard it had been when we were apart. “Yeah, I’ve messaged him to tell him I was sick. He was worried, I guess.”

“Tell him he’d better not try that again or I might have to ban him from coming round here.”

You and what army? I was tempted to say. But it was Albion’s house and if he didn’t like Cain coming around he had the right to say so. I emerged from the fridge and nodded, avoiding his eyes. I’d have to remind Cain not to scare Albion.

My cousin kept his gaze on me. “What do you guys do?”


“I mean, do you ever go out and do, y’know … normal couple stuff? Or do you just hang in his trailer?”

I sighed inwardly and regretted telling him about Cain’s home. “We go out in a group sometimes.”

“You and Cain and who else? Jude McBride?”

I nodded.

“Isn’t that kind of weird? To go out with your boyfriend … and your ex-boyfriend, simultaneously?”

“Yes, that would be weird, Albion. But it’s not like that. Jude was never really my boyfriend and there are others in the group, too.”

“And when it’s only you and Cain?”

I was silent. Cain and I didn’t date. Not like normal couples. Weariness washed over me. I was too weak for this conversation. “I’m still not feeling well.”

He pursed his lips, observing me. “Okay,” he said, to my surprise. And then, with a quick grin, “We can pick it up again later.”

I rested and tried to avoid Albion throughout the day, sipping water and sports drinks. Maybe it was wrong, but it pleased me that Cain had come looking for me the night before. Considering my own wobbly feelings about Helen and Cain’s meeting there was something gratifying in knowing he was worried about me. I went out to Gaunt House early to see him. The electrical tower buzzed loudly in the yellow afternoon light … strange. I hadn’t seen it do that for a long while. Cain must have heard my car arrive because he suddenly appeared outside the ruin, hovering while I parked. I smiled at the sight of him, that lean muscular frame and dark hair, unkempt as always and falling over his forehead. When I got out of my car he seized me like he hadn’t seen me for weeks and just about squeezed the breath out of me.

“Jesus Christ,” he muttered. “Are you okay?”

I laughed, hugging him back. “It was a stomach bug. I’m fine. Ow,” I added when the embrace became uncomfortable.

“Oh God, I’m so sorry.” He released me instantly. “I’m a fucking jerk.”

That made me stare and notice how agitated he looked. “What’s wrong?”

He rubbed a hand through his hair and hovered for a moment. “Come on, Francesca. Come down with me. I’m sorry. Let’s talk.”

I did as he said. He got us both beers but I declined since my stomach wasn’t completely right yet. He opened his and took a huge gulp.

“Cain?” I was scared now.

Long silence. “Francesca. I’m sorry.”

Sorry, again? What was going on?

SD Also has a Young Adult Series, The Seventh, check out my review here.

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Cover reveal: Fallout (The Incorruptibles Book 2) by S.D. Wasley

Fallout (The Incorruptibles Book 2)

by S.D. Wasley

Book Release Date: March 24, 2016

Buy Links

Pre-order now for auto-delivery to your Kindle on March 24, 2016.

Check out the gorgeous cover by artist Jay AheerSimply Defined Art.

fallout sd wasley


Even when love seems unbreakable, it can still be battered, distorted—damaged beyond repair.

There’s only one thing Frankie yearns for these days, and that’s to share the gift that makes Cain so extraordinary. But no matter how inferior she feels, she’s determined to help the man she loves with his secret rescues, hoping that one day she will access a higher power of her own.

The one thing she knows for sure is that nothing will ever come between her and Cain again.

Then a stranger arrives in their midst, disrupting the solid loyalties in Cain’s group. This man has the very thing Frankie needs to unlock her powers, but the price is higher than she could have dreamed.

Can Frankie and Cain’s love survive the fallout?

 Fallout is book 2 in the new adult paranormal romance series, The Incorruptibles, by Amazon Bestselling author S.D. Wasley.

Bonus: Sign up to S.D. Wasley’s VIP Reader’s Club for a Fallout Preview Scene

Visit S.D. Wasley  Add on Goodreads

Be sure to check out SD’s First Incorruptibles  Book, Downfall.

Amazon link: Downfall Currently 99 cents. 

Link to my Five Star review of Downfall Review

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Thoughts about Blood Kiss (book 1 in Black Dagger Legacy Series)

blood kiss

Thoughts by Leisha: Five Stars!

Blood Kiss is the first book in a new spin off series, Black Dagger Legacy, by JR Ward.

Blood Kiss reminded me of how the Black Dagger Brotherhood books started out. (Not that I’m complaining of how they are now! I wait, rather impatiently for each new book!) You get an HEA and the glimpses into the Brothers lives are wonderful! Just enough of them to get me over the hump until the next book is released!

Since Black Dagger Legacy is a spin off to JR Ward’s popular Black Dagger Brotherhood series, it is highly recommended you read the Black Dagger Brotherhood series before you start the Legacy series.  And then begin this series after you read, The Shadows.

About Blood Kiss:

“Paradise, blooded daughter of the king’s First Advisor, is ready to break free from the restrictive life of an aristocratic female. Her strategy? Join the Black Dagger Brotherhood’s training center program and learn to fight for herself, think for herself…be herself. It’s a good plan, until everything goes wrong. The schooling is unfathomably difficult, the other recruits feel more like enemies than allies, and it’s very clear that the Brother in charge, Butch O’Neal, a.k.a. theDhestroyer, is having serious problems in his own life.
And that’s before she falls in love with a fellow classmate. Craeg, a common civilian, is nothing her father would ever want for her, but everything she could ask for in a male. As an act of violence threatens to tear apart the entire program, and the erotic pull between them grows irresistible, Paradise is tested in ways she never anticipated–and left wondering whether she’s strong enough to claim her own power…on the field, and off.”

Black Dagger Brotherhood Series Reading order: http://www.jrward.com/bdb/

Find JR Ward Here: FacebookInternet


The Ninth Hunter by Anna Hub

the ninth hunter

The Ninth Hunter by Anna Hub release date January 12, 2016.

About The Ninth Hunter:

“These weren’t ghosts of the dead with unfinished business. They were something far more sinister.
Daniel Barrow is a ghost hunter bound to a life of misery; protecting the world from ghosts by killing their human hosts. He knows the rules: mark the targets, plot the crime scenes, and then murder those beyond saving. Daniel’s safe in his rituals—until he meets Faye Michaels.
Faye isn’t his average target and her ghosts threaten to destroy everything he has worked for. When his ritual goes wrong, Daniel must create an uneasy alliance with the woman he intended to kill. But the deeper they dig, the closer they get to a dangerous secret that will change their lives forever.
Daniel must make a choice: fulfil his duty, or turn his back on those he has come to trust. Can the truth lead him to salvation?”


My Five Star Review:

The Ninth Hunter is not your typical Ghost story but so much more.   I wasn’t sure what to expect when I won a free copy of this book.  It’s a completely different concept about ghosts, how they interact with humans, and the hunters who track the ghosts.  (To me this is a Supernatural/Paranormal/Horror New Adult story for readers 16+)

Twenty-three year old Daniel Barrow, who has been hunting ghosts for the past 6 years, is about to commit murder, again.  His target is twenty-three year old Faye Michaels who is being haunted by ghosts.  Things don’t go exactly as planned when Daniel finally gets face to face with Faye.  This story is action packed from the very beginning and took me on a ride I didn’t want to get off of.  There are twists and turns along the way, secrets and information that turns the course of events, and an ending I thought would truly never happen.   Anna Hub created very intense characters and likable at the same time.  It was enjoyable to watch Daniel and Faye’s characters evolve and change as the story progressed.

The Ninth Hunter is extremely well written and kept me engaged the entire way through.  I look forward to reading more of Anna’s books.

Grab your copy of The Ninth Hunter today at Amazon USAmazon UKAmazon AU for just 99c or Kindle Unlimited for free. (limited time offer.)

Find Anna Hub here:  FacebookWebsiteTwitter

Check out Anna’s blog for some great question and answers: Anna’s Blog Q&A

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Happy Book Release SD Wasley

Downfall by SD Wasley is here!

I absolutely loved this first book In SD’s Incorruptible Series. You can find my review  here: janisf – review

downfall 99


At Gaunt House ruins, the night started much the same as usual: some quiet chit-chat, a game of Monopoly, a beer and some snacks. But then it happened again. Not long after I arrived, Cain had a private consultation with Liz. They disappeared into the cooler room while I was moving my little dog around the game board. When they reappeared Cain said he was going out for pizza and more beer. I mustered my courage and asked to tag along but he said he’d be quick and I should stay in the game. He was gone for forty minutes … an hour … an hour and twenty … an hour and forty… Over and over I asked the other three where he could be but they just shrugged, elaborately nonchalant.

“Could he have got in an accident?” I asked.

“He’s fine, Frankie,” Jude assured me.

“It doesn’t take two hours to get pizza!”

“He’ll be back,” Owen said. “I’ll have Trafalgar Square, Liz.”

I doubted myself. They were all so casual. Maybe there really was no secret. The Monopoly game was long finished when Cain finally returned around eleven … with no pizza or drinks. He feigned forgetfulness when I demanded to know why, and I thought I saw the others hiding their smiles. What the heck? Was this some kind of initiation? Cain headed for the cooler room so I pursued. He fished in the cooler and cracked open a sugary drink, slamming it down in what must have been record time.

“Where did you go?” I asked.

He reached for a second soda. “Nowhere.”

“Tell me.”

He took a big gulp from the new can and went for the plastic crate where spare packets of chips and snacks were kept. There was just one small bag of nuts left, which he tore into and finished in one go. I stared. Cain made as if to head back to the main chamber.

“Hey,” I snapped.

Cain stopped and looked at me, a strange darkness coming into his eyes.

“Where …?”

I didn’t finish because at that moment he stepped in close to me, just inches away, looking intently down into my face. My first instinct was to back away but I fought it and held my ground, knees beginning to shake.

“Francesca,” he said in a voice so soft I didn’t know whether it was tender or menacing. “Stop asking questions.”

Then he was gone. I let out a breath and was obliged to spend a couple of minutes regaining my presence of mind before I went back out to join the group.

About Downfall:

“Frankie’s cousin wants her to do three things this year:
1. Lose her inhibitions
2. Do something spectacularly stupid
3. Fall madly in love
Travelling was Frankie’s life. As the daughter of a big-name evangelist, she’s been able to feed her hunger for new sights throughout most of her teenage years. Then a hushed-up scandal gets her thrown off the tour circuit and stuck at her uncle’s house in the town of Augur’s Well.
Forced to repeat her failed senior year, it looks like a dismal existence for Frankie—until she’s invited to the bizarre meeting place of four mismatched people … and falls hard for the fascinating, secretive Cain Aleister.
Furtive meetings in an underground chamber … Latin words carved into a stone wall … intense desire … and a secret so elusive she’ll do almost anything to bust it open. Until now, Frankie never believed in grand passions—but that’s not the only one of her beliefs about to implode right before her eyes.
Looks like Frankie’s going to score three for three.”

Get your copy today. Buy Links:  99c release special!

Amazon AU: http://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B01A6H4M50

Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01A6H4M50

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01A6H4M50

Amazon CA: http://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B01A6H4M50

Paperback coming very soon.

Find Artwork Artist Trevor O’Sullivan here: Facebook,  Twitter

Find SD Wasley Here:  FacebookInternet Website

Check out my review of SD Wasley’s Young Adult series, The Seventh: here

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