What Could Have by DC Stone

About the Book:

“Lucas and Annabelle met in a passing moment of time when you think about it; however, if you ask either of them, it was a moment they would never forget.  Brought together by a common goal, the two were deemed inseparable until fate and duty pushed them to opposite sides of the world.  Now, years later, lives restructured, Lucas and Annabelle find their paths crossing once again.  Will old sparks flame up again and what will happen when Lucas and Annabelle have others they have promised themselves to?”

My FIVE Star Review:

If you like a great military romance with some emotional twists and turns, then definitely pick up this book.  This is a stand-alone, independently published book by DC.

Living on opposite ends of the county, Lucas (22) and Anna (19) decided to enlist in the Air Force.  They met, immediately a strong friendship grew during their weeks of training, but orders were given, decisions were made and the course of their lives changed. Ten years later they met again, sparks fly between them, but their lives were on different paths. What decisions will they make this time?

What Could Have was an emotional journey with these two characters that I will NOT forget.

We all make important decisions in our lives, some of them turn out great, some of them fall apart and some we wish we never made, but isn’t that all part of life.  Never regret a decision you’ve made!  Learn from them, they re-shape you and sometimes even make you a better person.



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