Too Hard to Handle (Black Nights Series Book 8) by Julie Ann Walker

About this Book:

This is the eighth book in Julie’s Black Nights Inc. Series.  It’s a Contemporary Romantic Suspense and intended for Adults 18+.  To get the full enjoyment out of this book, you really should read books 1-7 first.

“The Man” is back
“Dan “The Man” Currington is back in fighting form with a mission that takes him four thousand miles south of BKI headquarters, high in the Andes Mountains of Peru. He’s hot on the trail of a rogue CIA agent selling classified government secrets to the highest bidder, when Penni DePaul arrives on the scene. Suddenly the stakes are higher, and keeping Penni safe becomes Dan’s number one priority.

And this time she’s ready
A lot has changed since former Secret Service Agent Penni DePaul last saw Dan. Now a civilian, she’s excited about what the future might hold. But before she can grab onto that future with both hands, she has to tie up some loose ends-namely, Dan Currington, the man she just can’t forget. And a secret that’s going to change both their lives-if they can stay alive, that is.”

My Five Star Review:

If you like an extremely well written book, a good kick ass suspense with a sexy former SEAL getting the bad guy and falling hard for a strong female, then this is the book for you.

From the very beginning Black Nights Dan “The Man” was a favorite character of mine.  He pulls you in from the first book and then his world is shattered.   In the next few books you watch Dan fall deeper and deeper into the black abyss and it breaks your heart.  In book 7, Full Throttle, he starts his climb out, he takes on a mission, with everyone watching ever move he makes, and he locks eyes on Agent Penni DePaul.  Dan’s world suddenly clears as he works the case with Agent DePaul.   Sparks fly between the two (sparks is such a kind word … it was more like and inferno) and healing begins. But at the end of the case, the pair goes their separate ways.

Book 8, Too Hard to Handle picks up the story 3 months later.   Dan’s been out on a mission the past 3 months with Black Nights Dagan Zoelner (who is another amazing character) and Penni resigns from the Secret Service.  She’s on a mission of her own to find Dan and have a “talk.” She ends up in the middle of his case with life and death action, and falling deeper and deeper in love with Dan.

Their journey is not an easy one, emotions run very high and you’re holding your breath just hoping everything will all work out in the end.

Julie’s writing is fun, witty, and it is a true joy to read.  Many former character make an appearance in this book and in true Julie fashion, she is mapping them out, setting them up, and sucking you in for the next book.

Go …. Read this series.  You will love them.  I leave you with a quote from the beginning of the book: “Now her silly heart decided to sprout wings and fly around outside her body.  She really was going to have to have a conversation with the organ later.”

Find Julie Ann Walker here:

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Book Reading Order:

Hell on Wheels 

In Rides Trouble

Rev It Up

Thrill Ride

Born Wild

Hell for Leather

Full Throttle

Too Hard to Handle

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