Timberwolf by Tom Julian

About this Book:

Timberwolf is an extremely well written, fast paced and highly entertaining military science fiction adventure set in the year 2265.

“Humanity has expanded beyond the borders of Earth into the far reaches of space. Human ingenuity has also expanded—as well as its theology.
On one side of an interplanetary war: a new religious order, dedicated to the expansion of human enlightenment. On another side, loosely connected to the order but hardly on the same page: the military, dedicated to the expansion of human influence.
And then there are the aliens. Worlds beyond understanding. Planets beyond comprehension. Forces which represent threats that cannot be calculated, and so must be eliminated.
Timberwolf is a soldier with too many voices in his head. Gray is a bishop with grander ambitions than his church. Highland is a planet run entirely by artificial intelligence—all of these factors point to the same conclusion: God has a story for everyone—or so the scripture of the day says.
This story is just beginning.”

My Four Star Review:

Science Fiction is not my normal go to read but I have to say I really enjoyed this story.  Tom pulls you into his amazing sci fi world within the first few chapters.  I immediately detested Bishop Emmanuel Gray, I wasn’t sure what Dr. Tier from the Department of Peace Enforcement was up to, I absolutely loved Salla Birdwing Vice Governor of the Outpost the minute I met her and  military man Timberwolf I just couldn’t help but love this guy.  He is the hero, man character and all around typical military man who wants to save the universe.

Tom introduces you to many alien species, many different planetary structures, as well as government, military and clergy personnel.  He paints a picture so vivid you actually see it forming in your mind.  I wondered a time or two if Tom has a little Arnock DNA in his blood.  War between humans and aliens has been going on for over 100 years.  Each group feels they were created in God’s image so of course war is imminent and aren’t most wars started because of Religion anyway.

This book is fast paced, action packed, a little bit violent in places but extremely well written.   There were times when I said, “What the heck is going on?”  But then by the next few chapters I was thinking, “Well there you go.”  Tom did a very nice job of telling a complete story but leaving you wanting more in the end.  There are many threads left in outer space and I’m truly hoping another book is on its way.  I will definitely read other books by this author.

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