Double Indemnity (Stonebridge Mysteries – 1) by Maggie Kavanagh

About this Book:

This was a wonderful murder mystery with several twists and turns but also a slow growing love story between Sam and Nathan. The chemistry between these two was off the charts.  (Intended for Adults 18+)

“Sam Flynn dreamed of being a journalist until a car accident killed his parents and put his brother into a long-term coma. Now Sam spends his days as a landscaper toiling in the New England sun and his nights drunk in bed with the closest warm body. In his limited spare time, he writes about Stonebridge’s local crime and politics on his blog “Under the Bridge.”

Then Sam’s favorite client is found dead in her home—shortly after telling him someone has betrayed her trust. Sam can’t believe her grief-stricken husband Nathan would be a suspect, but the investigation hones in on him. Sam has always admired handsome Nathan from afar, but now he puts his libidinous feelings aside to help clear his name. However, the closer he gets to Nathan, the more he’s told to keep away from him and the investigation—by the fatherly police chief, by an officer on the case who’s hated him since school, and by Nathan himself.
Sam’s determined to expose the real reason his friend died and clear Nathan’s name—even if it’s the last thing he does. Which, considering how fast the death toll is increasing in Stonebridge… it might be.”

My Four Star Review:

Sam has had a difficult couple of years and he’s just trying to keep everything together but at times he’s not doing a very good job.   He has two close friends, Yuri his landscaping business partner, and Rachel a bartender but he has very little time to meet and make new friends.  Sam works 24/7 trying to make ends meet so he can take care of his younger brother.

Nathan is right in the middle of the murder mystery and all Sam wants to do is help his new friend. Everyone wants Sam to stay out of it, but he just can’t help himself.   Due to Nathan’s line of work he found out a few things about himself that changes the course of his life but will he be able to live his life with murder hanging over his head.

The author takes you on a ride with many twists and turns.  It’s full of trust, understanding, comfort, friendship, and love (including steamy scenes) between these two amazing male characters. Maggies writing is wonderful and an absolute joy to read.

Sam and Nathan’s story continues in Maggie Kavanagh’s second book in this series, Inner Sanctum.  I will definitely be picking up the second book!

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Reading Order:

Double Indemnity Book 1

Inner Sanctum Book 2

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