Divine (Montana Dreams Series Book 1) by Cait Jarrod


About the Book: 

This is the first book in the three book Montana Dreams Series by Cait coming November 23, 2015.  (Adult 18+)

“Matt Carson and Trina Lovett befriend each other during turbulent times at a young age. Over the years, their friendship strengthens building a strong, unbreakable bond. At least that is what they believe. Life choices put an ocean between them, and the depth of their bond is tested.
Under the stress of being apart, heart-wrenching events leave them plagued with doubt. Danger forces them to make irrefutable decisions about what they want from life.”

My Five Star Review:

I was extremely lucky to have received an advanced copy of this book and I truly enjoyed every minute of it.  It was the kind of book that made you sorry when it was over.  I immediately fell in love with Matt and Trina from the first moment I met them.  You could feel their chemistry and connection, even at their young age, in every word Cait wrote.  The backstory on these two characters was wonderful, emotional and heart wrenching at times.  Even though their bond was strong, they each had a plan and a path for their future and wanted to fulfill it. Even though being a Doctor wasn’t exactly what Trina wanted.  Decisions they made put them miles apart but you still felt their love in every word.  There were several obstacles in their path on this emotional journey they took, but in true Cait Jarrod fashion there was a happily ever after.

I going to say right upfront, I wanted to yell and scream at Trina’s parents and I did that a time or two at my Kindle.  They were not nice people!  Matt’s brother Travis and Trina’s brother Bradley were great secondary characters.  Cait sucked me right in and made me demand more about these two guys.  So, lucky for me Travis and Bradley’s books will be coming in the near future!!

I would highly recommend this 145 page book and if you pre-order it now, it’s only $0.99 at Amazon!

Amazon Link: http://amzn.com/B015N1UT9M

A Little Snippet:

13 year old Matt:  “An object slapped his thigh from his suit.  He ran his hand along the inside of the pocket and tugged out a keychain.  The word DIVINE was etched into a metal plate with a squiggly mark under it.  She possessed everything:  a huge house, money, family. Yet a strange feeling overcame him that she’d given him her prize possession.  Slipping the keychain into his pants pocket, the unbearable burden that he wouldn’t survive lessened.”


Find Cait Here:

Website: http://caitjarrod.com/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Cait-Jarrod-Author-500705936640529/timeline/

Reading Order:

Divine – Book 1 – Coming November 23, 2015

Destiny – Book 2 – Coming December 14, 2015

Desire – Book 3 – Coming January 18, 2015

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